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On some displays TLL registration form looks ugly. How can I fix it?

We have spent a lot of time on researching this. The issue resides in Windows Forms which, by default, does not work with system DPI settings. As a result, on high DPI displays, some fonts and edges may not look smooth. To fix this, set MakeAppDPIAware to true during TLLInterface object initialization. Did this answer

Do you have integration manual PDF

Yes, we have. You can download it here. Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback

Occasionally, I get license expired even if it is valid. Why?

We have observed similar behavior, when “Treat offline as expired” license property is enabled. Sometimes, you won’t receive response from remote server. It can be due to remote server outage or because you have reached its limit of requests per specific time period. The best solution for that is not to use this feature or

How to remove demo notification in TLL 2.0

First, you have to purchase license of TLL. When you receive your license, you have two options: Use TLL Init Chunk and put your license into it. Put your license string into TreeksLicensingLibrary2.DeveloperLicense.DeveloperLicenseContent property. To use  this “older approach” simply open “About” tab and click “Copy my license button”.  Then use copied value in your

How to use TLL in non .NET applications?

You can use Treek’s Licensing Library through COM model. To use it, simply register TLL with Toolbox (Register COM tab). Exact usage depends on the development environment you use. Remember, that you have to register TLL on production machines. This can be done via RegAsm.exe (part of .NET framework). You can find the path and

How to generate license signing key for my application?

There are two ways: Use LibraryToolbox.exe Open toolbox and click “Generate new” button. Choose the location, where will be your keypair stored Do it programatically via TreeksLicensingLibrary.LicenseSigningKey object Simply create new instance of TreeksLicensingLibrary.LicenseSigningKey Use TreeksLicensingLibrary.LicenseSigningKey.SaveFile or TreeksLicensingLibrary.LicenseSigningKey.PublicKeyXML and TreeksLicensingLibrary.LicenseSigningKey.PrivateKeyXML to work with your license signing key. Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback