Advanced features


These features are here to bring extra layer of protection and customization.

Hardware based license issuance

With Treek’s Licensing Library you can create licenses for specific computers only. To do this, you need to work with two objects of library:

  1. TreeksLicensingLibrary.HardwareID.ActualHardwareID
    1. The HardwareID class does not require new instance creation.
    2. On user’s computer use ActualHardwareID string property to get hardware id of your customer.
  2. TreeksLicensingLibrary.License.HardwareID
    1. When you set this property of license, it’ll be possible to use it ONLY on computer with that hardware ID.
    2. You can enter more hardware IDs separated by comma.
    3. Leave empty (String.Empty) if you prefer to not limit license to specific hardware.
    4. Library Toolbox (GUI) also allow to enter the hardware id of generated license.

License expiration

TLL allows you to easily manage licenses, which should expire in time. To correctly work with license expiration, you need to know how to work with these two properties of TreeksLicensingLibrary.License. Again, you can set these options in Toolbox also.

  1. ExpirationDate
    1. This property contains expiration date of license.
    2. License will be treated as invalid after this date. ErrorMessage on verification will contain “License expired” message.
    3. Leave null (C#) or nothing (VB) to not limit license in time.
  2. ExpirationCheckOnlineOnly
    1. If set to TRUE, actual date to compare with ExpirationDate will be taken from online server ONLY. This means, that license will be treated as expired when user goes offline.
    2. If set to FALSE, library will still try to receive actual time online, but on fail, it’ll use local computer time to check license expiration.