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The TLL 2.0 Toolbox is based on the successfull features of the first version. If you are new user, we recommend you read this article too. Within toolbox, you can do following tasks:

  • Generate or open license signing key
  • Generate TLL Init Chunk for easy integration
  • Generates licenses for your products
    • Time limited licenses
    • Hardware locked licenses
    • List of allowed/blocked features
  • Verify licenses
  • Check library integrity
  • Register TLL for COM
  • Set developer license to avoid TLL demo notification

Working with license signing keys

As in TLL v1 there are license signing keys used to secure your licenses.

  • To generate new keys click “Generate new” button in the first tab
  • To open existing keys click “Load existing” button in the first tab

You can copy your keys to clipboard or you can generate init chunk using your public key.

Issuing license

  1. First, be sure, that you’re using the right keypair (corresponding with public key in your application).
  2. Then go to “License generation” tab.
  3. Fill the product name and license owner as minimum.
  4. Click generate license
  5. Send license file or string to customer

Testing license

On the third tab of toolbox you can test license file, if it’ll work in your application. To do this:

  1. Copy your public key from application and paste it to the text field called “Author’s public key”
  2. Specify the path to license file.
  3. Click “Check license file”

You’ll receive error details or success message. On success, you’ll get license details.

Library integrity check

Toolbox does the check of TreeksLicensingLibrary2.dll authenticity by computing hash of the file. You can check the SHA256 hash in your app as extra security measure.

Developer license

When you purchase Treek’s Licensing Library, you’ll receive your license file, which you can use to avoid demo messages in toolbox. Please note, that this will remove demo message only in toolbox. To remove demo message from your application, add your license to TLL Init Chunk or set it in DeveloperLicense.DeveloperLicenseContent property.


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