Getting started

Download & install

  1. Get the latest version of library from the downloads page.
  2. Unpack the zip archive to directory you prefer

Prepare your application

  1. Add reference to TreeksLicensingLibrary.dll in your project
  2. Generate private/public keypair for your application
  3. Define string constant within your application with your public key in XML format.
    1. In toolbox, load your keypair and click “Copy public key”  button on “Author keypair” tab
    2. Never add private key into your source code!
  4. Create library check procedures in your application to avoid dll replacement attack.
  5. Set your license to avoid demo message in your applications
  6. Integrate with your application
    1. Prepare your registration dialog
    2. Define variable with path of license file location.
    3. Check for validity of license when necessary