TLL Insights

TLL Insights app is part of TLL Core and is available to each customer of TLL for free. This feature provides customers with understaing of how their software is used, who uses it, and on what devices is software being used. It also helps with detecting software piracy and license violation.

TLL Insights works with TLL V2 only.

Benefits of insights app

  • Tracks your software usage
  • Helps to detect license violation
  • Provides statistical data
  • Free access within TLL Core license purchase (starting at $49)

Differences from TLL Activation server

  • TLL Insights cannot revoke licenses
  • TLL Insights offers only read-only access to data (you can delete your data and disable data collection)
  • TLL Activation server provides features to control your software distribution, TLL Insights inform you only.
  • TLL Insights keeps the data only for last 6 months, Activation server does not have any limits like this

Get access

If you are existing customer, simply login or register your account here. To get access, you must own TLL Core license which you can purchase here.

Integrate into your application

To integrate into your application, there are no extra steps. TLL takes care about data collection automatically. Simply integrate TLL V2, that’s all.

Ehm. Yes in ideal world. Our software can work like that. However, according to regulations (we’re EU based), you should get user’s consent when obtaining his personal data. TLL Insights collects IP addresses and other information about user device, thus information which are GDPR regulated. We believe you should ask for user’s consent according to GDPR.

In programmers world, to resolve this, you can simply disable TLL Insights for your apps (by login into your account and disabling data collection) and the problem is solved. But this way you also loose the valuable data. The working option is to add one or more checkboxes into your application kindly asking user for permission. Please check our privacy policy document for more information.


Insights dashboard
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