Getting started

Download & install

  1. Get the latest version of library from the downloads page.
  2. Unpack the zip archive to directory you prefer

Make sure you have at least .NET Framework 4 Client profile installed.

You can also use Nuget Package Manager console to install Treek’s Licensing Library V2:

Install-Package TreeksLicensingLibrary

Prepare your application

This section describes the easiest way to integrate TLL V2 into your application.

Feel free to download Quick integration guide PDF to get step-by-step manual to integrate TLL.

  1. Add reference to TreeksLicensingLibrary2.dll in your project (automatically added when installing using nuget)
  2. Generate private/public keypair for your application
  3. Generate TLL Init Chunk for your application
    1. Start LibraryToolbox2.exe
    2. Open or create license signing keys
    3. Click “Generate init chunk file” button
  4. Create instance of TreeksLicensingLibrary2.EasyIntegration.TLLInterface object within your application (using TLL Init Chunk generated by toolbox)
  5. Use ShowRegistrationForm function to display registration dialog taking care about activation process for end user
    1. Optionally use Register function to activate licenses generated by toolbox in any form/GUI you create.
  6. Use MyLicense property to determine actual license status

Read more about easy integration here.