The most advanced, scalable and secure licensing management solution for .NET developers.

Affordable, trusted and with the greatest support.

Easy to use

Our well documented library can be set to work with your project within 10 minutes. Our toolbox will help you to issue licenses quickly.

Full automation possible

Optionally, you can order our activation server to automatically process orders. You can build similar system on top of TLL Core on your too. own.

Advanced features

Treek’s Licensing Library support hardware based license issuance, time restricted licenses and other advanced features to protect your application’s licensing.

High level of security

Our licensing library is based on asymmetric cryptography. This ensures that the system is unbreakable with current computers performance.

Affordable & trusted

With prices starting at $49 is Treek’s Licensing Library the most affordable and complete licensing solution. We serve all types of business from single developers to large enterprises.

Money back guarantee

If you find a security or working problem in Treek’s Licensing Library, we’ll solve it promptly or give you all money back.

TLL Core

Core of licensing library that provides most of the TLL’s functionality.

TLL Toolbox

Easy to use application to pre-configure your application and to generate licenses for your application.

Hardware locking

Using our well tested and refined hardware ID algorithm, you can lock your licenses to one more more devices.


Specify expiration date and time server used to get time for comparison, rendering system clock manipulation useless.

Encrypted licenses

All license data generated by TLL Core are encrypted either with pre-defined or your custom encryption key.

Feature list

Specify allowed or blocked features of your own software easily with Toolbox application.

Custom or predefined registration form

You can code your custom GUI for license activation or you can use our prepared activation form.

TLL Insights

Insights will provide you with basic information about your application usage by the end users.

Easy integration

Reference just one class, generate encrypted configuration, write few lines of code and you are ready to go.

Additional data

You can store any additional data within licenses generated by TLL Core.

Dedicated support

Our staff will always do its best to help you resolve any issues you may face. No generic replies.

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TLL Activation server

Built on top of TLL Core, TLL Activation server provides you with extended functionality, automation and enhances security of your licensing model with ease.

Short product keys

Send 25 digits long, classic product keys to customers with all the license data.


Send e-mails with product keys automatically based on notification from PayPal, MyCommerce or from your website using generic API.

License activation & validation

Activate and validate customer licenses online with few lines of code.


Configure number of allowed device activations per license.


Revoke customer’s license by few clicks in web admin interface.

Offline activation

Allow to customer to download license for offline use by using offline activation form.

Secure trial version

Keep track of trial users and enforce trial time limit even after operating system reinstallation.

Product keys batches

Generate serial numbers in batch for wholesale by just few clicks.

License migrations

Allow to customers to migrate their licenses to new device.

Store usage statistics

Optionally get reports about usage of your application and its features.

Any number of your products

Just one TLL Activation server instance can be used for all of your applications.

On-premise or on our cloud

TLL Activation server can be hosted by us or you can install it to your own infrastructure.

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Our Clients


To get all information about our pricing, please see our pricelist.

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TLL Core: Single developer license

All features of TLL Core
Unlimited applications
One developer
Lifetime license



TLL Activation server: Binaries license

All features of activation server
Unlimited applications
Installation on your VPS/cloud/hosting
Lifetime license



TLL Core with Activation server (yearly subscription)

All features (Core + Activation server)
Hosting included
Unlimited developers
Unlimited applications

$99 per year



Treek’s Licensing Library is widespread and generally trusted solution for license management.

Apps that use TLL

End user devices

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