Basic questions

What types of projects can use the library?

All modern .NET (2.0+) versions and languages (C#, C++, VB, F#) are supported.

Almost all versions of Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) incl. Windows Phone are supported.

Who can use this product?

This library can be used by any software developer, who builds applications in one of the .NET languages (C#, VB, F#). All examples are available in C# and VB.

However, non-programmer can generate licenses via LibraryToolbox.exe easily. This means, that Treek’s Licensing Library can be used by licensing operator or your secretary for routine work.


How to add Treek’s Licensing Library to my project?

In Visual Studio, double click “My Project” to open project properties. On the left side, click “References” tab. Click on “Add” and browse to TreeksLicensingLibrary.dll

What technical steps do I have to take to use Treek’s Licensing Library in my software?

There are only few steps needed to setup and they’re well described in documentation.


How to generate license signing key for my application?

There are two ways:

  1. Use LibraryToolbox.exe
    1. Open toolbox and click “Generate new” button.
    2. Choose the location, where will be your keypair stored
  2. Do it programatically via TreeksLicensingLibrary.LicenseSingingKey object
    1. Simply create new instance of TreeksLicensingLibrary.LicenseSingingKey
    2. Use TreeksLicensingLibrary.LicenseSingingKey.SaveFile or TreeksLicensingLibrary.LicenseSingingKey.PublicKeyXML and TreeksLicensingLibrary.LicenseSingingKey.PrivateKeyXML to work with your license signing key.

How to use TLL in non .NET applications?

You can use Treek’s Licensing Library through COM model. To use it, simply register TLL with Toolbox (Register COM tab). Exact usage depends on the development environment you use. Remember, that you have to register TLL on production machines. This can be done via RegAsm.exe (part of .NET framework). You can find the path and correct arguments in Treek’s Licensing Library toolbox, Register COM tab again.

In MS Office VBA projects, you can add reference to TreeksLicensingLibrary.tlb file after COM registration.


Can I redistribute library without purchasing license?

No, free version is only for evaluation purposes. It will display message every time, when you try to verify license.

When you purchase license, you can use and redistribute TreeksLicensingLibrary.dll within as many applications as you wish.