TLL Core (standalone library)

These are prices of license allowing to redistribute TreeksLicensingLibrary.dll and TreeksLicensingLibrary2.dll. TLL Core purchase includes access to TLL Insights.

Single developer license$49
Small company license (up to 5 developers)$99
Enterprise license (unlimited developers)$159

Activation server

TLL Core + Activation server rental license***$99 per year***
Activation server binaries lifetime license (without source code)*$149*
Activation server sources (lifetime in house license)*$359*
Activation server sources (lifetime vendor license)*$689*
Activation server hosting**$59 per year**

*  To order activation server lifetime license, you have to own or order standalone library license
** You can use your own hosting or VPS to avoid this yearly fee. Hosting cannot be ordered without previous/actual purchase of activation server.
*** Price includes TLL Core Enterprise license, activation server license is tied to our hosting, which is also included in price.

Source code (Toolbox and DLL)

V2 DLL file source code*$859*
V2 Toolbox source code*$549*

To purchase library and toolbox source code, standalone library license is required.


Upgrade typePrice
TLL V1 => TLL V2Free
Single developer license => Small company license$50
Single developer license => Enterprise license$110
Small company license => Enterprise license$60
Activation server: Rental license => Lifetime binaries license$109


Extended integration support - help on Skype or TeamViewer, etc. to integrate TLL into your C# or VB app$49
Extend activation server support (1yr)$49


In the past, we’ve offered discounts through coupon codes and for bundling more purchase options. We have decided to move to bit more fair policy for all customers. No more coupon codes. If we decide to provide discounts, all customers purchasing will receive it.