Treek’s Licensing Library (TLL) comes with handy set of features helping developers and software companies to protect their software distribution. TLL consist of:

  • TLL Core
  • TLL Activation server (online licensing server)

TLL Core

TLL Core is designation for features provided by standalone DLL file and Toolbox application. These are main features of TLL Core:

  • License files/text generation and verification engine
  • Toolbox application to generate keys, generate licenses, do license checks and prepare easy integration.
  • Access to TLL Insights – unique distribution monitoring system
  • Easy integration classes to reduce the code needed by you to few lines

On top of that, TLL Core provides more detailed functionality

  • Lock licenses to specific computers (using their unique hardware ID)
  • Set license expiration date
  • Render system clock manipulation useless with time retrieved from trusted NTP server (either default or specified by you)
  • Nice registration window (form) with customizable translations and icon
  • Encrypt licenses
  • Store allowed/blocked feature list within license
  • Store customer and additional info within license
  • Automatically send usage information to TLL Insights without any extra code
  • Generate public/private keypair for each product
  • Use TLL Core APIs in non .NET apps using COM
  • Use APIs provided by TLL Core to build your own licensing server

TLL Activation server

Activation server extends TLL Core functionality with features requiring online environment to work correctly. It gives you better control over your software distribution and automatize whole software purchase and delivery process.

TLL Activation server is generally recommended to developers and companies with more purchases, where license issuance automation drastically reduces human effort to serve the customer. TLL Activation server is also recommended when company or developer has advanced requirements regarding licensing control.

TLL Core (TreeksLicensingLibrary2.dll) contains features to automatically connect and work with TLL Activation server.

The main features of TLL Activation server are:

  • Send e-mail with short license code to customer automatically after purchase (for PayPal and MyCommerce)
  • Automatically activate licenses using product keys
  • Monitor your software usage and distribution
  • Revoke licenses

Again, the TLL Activation server can do much more:

  • Prevent activation on computers over the allowed license limit
  • Optionally take care about license migrations – in case user’s computer is broken, allow limited number of device changes.
  • Setup time expiring licenses (subscriptions)
  • Generate product key batches (eg. 100 serial numbers at once) by few clicks
  • Enforce licensing policy by automatic silent reactivation
  • Activate trial version and force trial time limit no matter Windows reinstall
  • Optionally verify trial user accounts via e-mail confirmation link
  • Send license codes via SMTP you configure
  • Automatic IP blacklisting – in case someone or something (robot) tries to find working product keys by guessing
  • Send contacts to ActiveCampaign CRM automatically after purchase
  • Handle offline computer activation requests without customer care effort – just sending link to offline activation form
  • Automatically create customer database based upon PayPal and MyCommerce purchases
  • Check and control everything via admin website
  • Automatically revoke licenses for refunded purchases
  • Provide updates of your application files