Service description

On top of the TLL, it is possible to build activation/licensing server. We already developed such worldwide solution. This is optional service, which can be used to build your own customized license activation server. If you are or rent experienced programmer, you can build licensing server with TLL on your own.

TLL Activation server is being developed for more than 5 years. It started as an internal company application to get overview on how our products are used over the world. It also allowed us to see how people comply with our terms of service.  As time passed, we decided to provide such service publicly. The result is unique service. Unique in meaning that we customize the activation server for each customer who orders it. So, even if you find any topic or feature not mentioned here, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. Most times, we’ll find common ground and solution for you.

Features & services included

  • Licensing server based on ASP.NET, Treek’s Licensing Library and JDSW APIs technology
    • Issue the license files to customers automatically using simple serial number activation
    • Multiple products in one server installation supported
    • Secure your application by requesting silent re-activation each 30 (or any number) days (optional)
    • Allow and track migrations to different computer on hardware based activation systems (optional)
      • You can manually alter migration limit for honest customers
    • Revoke licenses (optional)
    • Limit count of computers per license purchase
    • Control trial version duration per product/extend trial for specific user (optional)
    • Track trial/demo version usage
    • Generate serial number batches for wholesale
    • Log each request to be sure, that everything is working perfectly
    • Get application usage reports
  • PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) implementation to automatize the license issuance process
    • Automatically build database of customers with serial numbers and contact details
    • Send localized registration e-mail with serial number immediately after completed purchase in customer’s native language
    • Automatically revoke license when you refund customer’s payment on PayPal website
  • Update services for your applications (optional)
    • Manage your release versions from activation server admin
    • Store update files on licensing server
    • Integration samples with updater application – get updater working within few minutes (even for your other products)
    • Minimize the traffic – our updater can automatically determine what files need to be updated
  • Easy to use management GUI (user interface)
    • Check the customer database, add new customer manually
    • Revoke licenses
    • Manage products
    • View usage statistics
    • Add application updates
  • Up to 6 hours of programmer’s time to customize solution for your needs
    • Implementation into your software (C# or VB)
    • Customize the licensing features
  • One year bug fixing warranty + extensive support during deployment stage
  • Source code of licensing server available (VB.NET)
  • Complete solution delivery time: max 7 days (usually 2-4 days)
  • Optionally you can use our activation server hosting service ($59 per year)
    • Activation server can be installed on any Windows Server (2008+, IIS & MSSQL Express & ASP.NET) machine.
  • Contact us to get pre-purchase demo access to test features

More information

Feel free to contact us to get more information or order the activation server from our purchase page.