How is activation server delivered?

How is this service delivered? What should I do?

  1. First is recommended to contact us and discuss details. You can make a payment at this stage, however, it’s completely optional.
    1. Do you have any special requirements not described on website?
    2. Do you plan limit license issuance by time or hardware?
    3. Do you have a server to run activation server? If yes, can you provide remote access (RDP) to setup activation server?
    4. Do you need PayPal automation?
    5. Will the activation server serve one or more products?
  2. We’ll check your requirements, analyze it and tell you if we can do your customizations (yes, in most cases) with technical details. Typically until 24 hours after we receive your message.
  3. If both sides agree on described solution, we will kindly ask you for a payment at this stage (if you did not pay before, of course)
  4. When we receive your payment, we start to work
    1. Prepare the server (if you choose our activation server hosting) or check if we can deploy solution to your server
      1. If you don’t provide us with remote access to your server, we can still send you binaries and/or sources together with installation instructions
    2. Customize our activation server for your needs
    3. Test the activation server and allow client to make his own tests
    4. Optionally update and fix solution based on test results and customer’s feedback
    5. Integrate with customer’s application(s)
      1. This is done by sending activation server documentation OR sending source code snippets OR editing your own source code (if you trust us)
        1. Remember, that if you send us your own source code to implement TLL, we always destroy all our copies when work is done
    6. Now it’s the time to test whole integration with your application.
    7. Again, if any errors found, we will update the solution
    8. We send you final binaries and sources.
  5. You can deploy solution to your customers
You need to own (or order) the license for Treek's Licensing Library to be eligible to get this package. Also, you need to own online Windows Server machine to run the activation server or rent hosting service from us or other provider.

You can contact us for details or order the TLL Activation server from our purchase page.