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Is TLL 100% secure?

Well, in reality, no software is 100% secure. With enough resources and knowledge, everything can be cracked. However, TLL has unique and very secure design and it didn’t get cracked for past 7 years. We also have fast incident response team and will resolve any security problem as quick as possible. Generally: Having source code

What does extended integration support mean?

This means we will help you directly with integration of TLL into one product using C# or VB.NET. We can help you through: Basic support options (ticket + email)SkypeRemote desktop Basically, we can establish a skype call with desktop sharing or use any remote desktop app to connect to your device to do the integration

What is the difference between TLL V1 and TLL V2

TLL V1 is older version of Treek’s Licensing Library. We do not release updates for it anymore. We recommend upgrade to TLL V2 as it is free for V1 customers. TLL V2 comes with multiple improvements. Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback