Is TLL 100% secure?

Is TLL 100% secure?

Well, in reality, no software is 100% secure. With enough resources and knowledge, everything can be cracked.

However, TLL has unique and very secure design and it didn't get cracked for past 7 years. We also have fast incident response team and will resolve any security problem as quick as possible.


  • Having source code of TLL does not break customer's app security
  • Licenses can be generated only if you have the cryptographic key
  • TLL's latest binary files are protected with advanced commercial obfuscation software
  • Cracked version of TLL (even if there appears any in the future) won't be loaded by most of customer's apps, the apps will simply fail if there's no original version of TLL present.
  • For cyber-criminal, there's no benefit in focusing TLL itself. Even if he somehow alters TLL, he still needs to change all the applications utilizing TLL for licensing.

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