FAQ Category: Licensing

I have Activation server rental license and would like to use my own server now.

Well, TLL Activation server rental license is tied to our hosting, so this is not possible with rental license. However, you can upgrade to binaries license – see our pricelist, upgrades section. Feel free to contact us prior the license upgrade to check if your server is suitable to run TLL Activation server. Did this

Does lifetime license contain updates and support?

You are entitled to receive updates and/or bugfixes during 1 year after lifetime license purchase (if we release any). Lifetime TLL Core license contains basic support for one year (through tickets and e-mail). Lifetime TLL Core + Activation server license contains basic support for one year + extended integration support for one application. Did this

If I buy sources, what am I (not) allowed to do with them

Generally, you must not disclose the sources you receive to any other 3rd party entity (person or company) without our written consent. This applies to all kind of source code you may receive from us (except publicly available examples). On top of that, for activation server, following applies: If you order in-house license, you can

Can I redistribute library without purchasing license?

No, free version is only for evaluation purposes. It will display message every time, when you try to verify license. When you purchase┬álicense, you can use and redistribute TreeksLicensingLibrary.dll within as many applications as you wish. Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback