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Why should I trust TLL

We’re developing Treek’s Licensing Library for more than 5 years, company behind it exists almost 10 years. Due to still uncracked license generation algorithm, strong encryption and rich set of other techniques to keep your software distribution under control, our solution is trusted by wide range of clients. Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional

What is the difference between TLL Core and activation server?

Activation server extends TLL Core functionality and gives you more control over licensing of your apps. Feel free to check feature comparison or feature list to get better overview. Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback

What my customer needs to do in order to install a license after I send my software to him?

With TLL you can send license file or license string (text) to customer, generated by toolbox or the library itself. Customer will need to select file through some dialog (OpenFileDialog) or copy and paste license string. You can choose the preferred way. If you choose to use TLL V2 Easy integration, you can call the

What is the purpose of TLL

TLL was designed to protect your application’s licensing. It can Generate safe license keys Be used to validate licenses provided by user with few lines of code Save information about licensing options easily and safely Expiration Hardware locking Features enabled Custom information Be used to build your own online activation server Automatically track your application

What types of projects can use the library?

All modern .NET (2.0+) versions and languages (C#, VB, F#) are supported. Almost all versions of Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11) are supported. TLL can be registered in COM to be used in any other Windows application (Office VBA, Delphi). Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback

Who can use this product?

This library can be used by any software developer, who builds applications in one of the .NET languages (C#, VB, F#). All examples are available in C# and VB. However, non-programmer can generate licenses via LibraryToolbox.exe easily. This means, that Treek’s Licensing Library can be used by licensing operator or your secretary for routine work. Did this answer your