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What happens with expired rental license?

When rental license expires, activation server hosting is disabled. It will not activate new licenses for your customers. However, we’ll allow you to export data from underlying database (customers, products, keys, etc). You’ll be allowed to keep TLL Core license. This means that for your existing customers, applications will keep working. You will also be

Can activation server handle offline computers?

Actually, yes. Via the offline registration form. At https://yourdomain.jandrozd.eu/OfflineActivation/ resides the form you can send to customer. It works this way: Customer installs your software and gets offline computer hardware ID.From different online computer he/she visits offline registration form and enters e-mail, serial and offline computer hardware ID.License generated automatically and sent to e-mail as

How to connect Activation Server to my PayPal/MyCommerce account for automatic sales processing?

You need to set TLL Activation server URL as IPN url in your PayPal account. This url is typically https://yourdomain.jandrozd.eu/IPN.aspx For MyCommerce, you need to set webhook in your MyCommerce account to deliver new order information to https://yourdomain.jandrozd.eu/mcendpoint/ Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback

What is difference between lifetime license and rental license

Rental license is tied to our hosting and is limited in time. It means that your right to use TLL Activation server expires with the license period. Lifetime license guaranties you access to activation server binaries (and optionally sources), so you can install TLL Activation server on any Windows Server anytime. Did this answer your

What is automatic silent reactivation?

This way you do not provide permanent licenses to users, but you provide temporary licenses. It means, that if you revoke license and user goes offline, it will expire in some time anyway and won’t be renewed. Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback