TLL Registration form

You can create your own registration window when integrating TLL or you can save your time by using our registration form we carefully designed for you.

Our registration form can be customized

Registration form is both online and offline activation ready

  • In case you use TLL Core (without activation server), just offline registration part is displayed
  • In case you use TLL+Activation server, all features are enabled

Registration form handles advanced features of activation server

  • License migrations
  • Automatic activation of license previously used on same PC

Usage in your app

To display registration form, simply follow easy integration manual. After you add TLLInterface class instance to your project, just call its ShowRegistrationForm function.

Only one parameter is required and this is parent form (window). In case you don’t have any parent form, simply use null (c#) or nothing (, vba) value.


Serial number activation with advanced options
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