General statement

This is addendum to the TLL terms & conditions document.

This document describes how and what information we collect when you use this website and products we offer. We always been aware about privacy concerns and do our best to protect data we collect. We also respect’s our customer’s privacy and do not share information with 3rd parties unless few strict conditions are met.

As we do not provide products to end users, but to other developers and software companies, Licensee should integrate information about data collected into his privacy policy document.

‘TLL’ shortcut in this text refers to Treek’s Licensing Library.

‘Insights’ refers to the feature of Treek’s Licensing Library 2.0

Website usage

We use content management system, which requires cookies to work properly. This means that some very small amounts of data can be stored on your computer to customize your experience. Also, we use Google Analytics to analyze traffic on our website, which may store some additional cookies on your computer.

We DO NOT utilize tracking cookies or similar technique to track your browsing habits when you leave

Products usage

Collected data differs depending on version of TLL you use.


Treek’s Licensing Library V1 does not include any measurement code and thus we do not collect any information through its usage.


Treek’s Licensing Library V2 contains feature called ‘TLL Insights’ which allows to customer of TLL to view his application’s usage, detect software piracy and get general overview of his/her application distribution. Some information from runtime of End-User Software Product (in the sense of our Terms & Conditions) must be collected to provide such functionality. We allow to customers of TLL to login into their account and disable data collection.

TLL Insights collected data list

  • IP Address
  • Hardware ID (hashed unique indetifier of used computer)
  • License data used
  • Assembly name and hash using TLL

All this information is collected from end user equipment.

Activation server

TLL activation server can automatically collect customer data from payment gateways. If Licensee uses this feature, he should notify his application users by placing such information into privacy policy document. The information from payment gateway can be following:

  • User e-mail address
  • Name and surname (or company name)
  • Postal address

Activation server can be used to lock licenses to limited count of computers. To provide such feature activation server must collect Hardware ID. More information can be collected during activation process:

  • IP address of customer
  • Name, surname and e-mail of customer (optionally, depends on TLL customer choice)

Hardware ID information

TLL Hardware ID is unique hashed identifier of computer device. Hardware ID can be used to determine on how many devices is application used, but it CAN’T be used to read detailed information about customer’s hardware (like motherboard manufacturer, CPU serial, etc).

Collected data sharing and other usage

We share collected data with our customers. Licensee is eligible to receive usage data from applications where TLL uses his developer license. We do not provide these data to any other 3rd party entity unless at least one of following conditions is met:

  • We’re forced by law
  • TLL and/or activation server are used in violation of the license terms

As we provide collected data to our Licensee we can’t guarantee how our Licensee work with received data and if they share them. We must not be held liable for any data leak caused by Licensee. Licensee is responsible for keeping TLL Insights credentials secure and securing his systems where he uses or utilizes data from TLL Insights.

We may use the collected data to improve our products.