Manage your .NET application's licenses with peace of mind

Treek's Licensing Library is the most secure, easy to use and complete solution to bring licensing management into your Windows applications. TLL supports all versions from .NET Framework 2 and works even on Windows Phone or in WEB, VBA and COM applications.

Easy to use

Our well documented library can be set to work with your project within 10 minutes. Our toolbox will help you to issue licenses quickly.

High level of security

Our licensing library is based on asymmetric cryptography. This ensures, that the system is unbreakable with actual computer performance.

Full automation possible

Optionally, you can order our activation server to automate everything. You can build similar system on top of TLL on your own too.

Affordable solution

With prices starting at $49 for unlimited use by single developer is our product the best and most affordable solution for license management.

Hardware checksums

Our product supports hardware based license issuance. If you prefer to release your licenses for specific computers only, you can do it with ease.

Money back guarantee

If you find a security or working problem in Treek's Licensing Library, we'll solve it promptly or give you all money back.