Basic information

Instead of purchasing a lifetime license, you can rent the TLL Core + Activation server on yearly basis (SaaS). This has some benefits and also limitations.


  • Unified price per year: $99
  • Includes support, updates and hosting for activation server
  • Includes lifetime TLL Core Enterprise license
  • The most affordable way to get TLL with Activation server (all available features)
  • Includes free subdomain ( with SSL certificate


  • You are not entitled to receive Activation server binaries and/or sources – TLL Activation server license is tied to our server – in case you decide to migrate TLL Activation server, you will need to upgrade to at least binaries license ($109 one time fee).
  • On expiration, core license keeps working for you and your clients, but activation server is disabled.
  • Standard hosting conditions applies

What happens with expired rental license?

When rental license expires, activation server hosting is disabled. It will not activate new licenses for your customers. However, we’ll allow you to export data from underlying database (customers, products, keys, etc).

You’ll be allowed to keep TLL Core license. This means that for your existing customers, applications will keep working. You will also be able generate new licenses for new customers, but only through TLL Toolbox, by hand.

We keep the data of expired hostings for 3 months after expiration date. You can renew the service anytime in this period simply by payment through our order form. After this grace period (expiraton + 3 months), all your data is removed permanently with no chance to recovery.

We will notify you via e-mail 14 days prior your license expiration so you should have enough time to extend the license. We will also notify you 14 days prior the grace period end.