FeatureStandalone library (Single developer , Small team, Enterprise) TLL + Activation server
Secure license files or strings (text) based on asymetric cryptographyYesYes
License expirationYesYes
Hardware lockingYes (manual - by asking customer for his hardware ID)Yes (automatic activation via HTTPS)
Store license encrypted in registryYesYes
Store custom information in licenseYesYes
Short license codesNoYes
Trial expiration enforcementYes (manual, by issuing trial license with expiration date)Yes (automatic)
License protection for multiple productsYesYes
License revocationNo (technically, you can build your own database of revoked licenses)Yes
PayPal and MyCommerce integration (automatic license emails after purchase)NoYes
Enforced silent reactivationNoYes
Trial users registration and verificationNoYes
Customer databaseNoYes
Product updates publishingNoYes
Automatic license migrationsNoYes
ActiveCampaign CRM integrationNoYes