TLL activation server can be hosted on almost all Windows Server VPS or shared hostings. However, we’re experienced in server configuration and providing our hosting for activation server customwork as well (optionally). API hosting costs $59 per year. It consists from following:

  • Up to 10 GB space for your app files
  • Subdomain and trusted SSL certificate for server on * (you can choose subdomain)
  • Mailbox (SMTP) to send license codes to your customers
  • Remote Desktop Access with limited privileges
    • You can use SQL Server management studio to run own SQL queries over the API database, manually backup the database
    • Publish your own coded API changes
    • You can’t install or run your own applications
  • Max. 50 GB per month traffic
    • Most applications, using our update technology, will not reach this limit
  • Support on Skype, e-mail, phone

Server with APIs is scheduled for daily backups on external device. However, you should never rely on 3rd party backup, so we encourage you to take regular backups of your API database using SQL Server management studio. Our server backup can’t be used to recover data which you accidentally delete.

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